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Custom solutions designed and built by local cabinetry specialists.

Impressive Contemporary and Modern Kitchen Cabinetry

While many people in the Greater Toronto Area may be content to buy off the shelf cabinetry from the local hardware store, Atlantic Finishing Carpentry offers another, more elegant option. Our custom woodworking skills allow us to build one-of-a-kind cabinetry pieces that are highly functional and deliver a unique look to your kitchen and bathroom.

Our custom cabinets and those from the store may appear similar, but a closer look will soon reveal the huge difference. For starters, all of our cabinets in the Greater Toronto Area are built using quality wood and never cut-rate, leftover pieces or cheap plywood covered by a wood veneer. At Atlantic Finishing Carpentry, we value our reputation for quality cabinets and our many happy customers.

You might think that custom cabinetry in the Greater Toronto Area would cost a small fortune, but many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices. However, the value is through the roof. Your unique kitchen or bathroom cabinets by Atlantic Finishing Carpentry may not have cost a million dollars, but they'll certainly look that way.

For cabinets in the Greater Toronto Area that stand out from the crowd, call Atlantic Finishing Carpentry at 416-785-5451 and schedule a free design visit.

Beautiful Custom Cabinetry is Hard to Find – Dial 416-785-5451 For One In Your Own Backyard.

Atlantic Finishing Carpentry has been providing superior Cabinetry in Ontario for Years.


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